Our Vision

A specialised programme to offer differential education for learners with diverse developmental challenges.

Our Mission

To prepare and equip our learners to reach their full potential.

Our Offering

Tailored, Focused, Hands on

“We believe in a trans-disciplinary approach to intervention, working with therapists and specialists across many disciplines to improve the lives of our special learners.”  - Henriette Hubers, founder

Upon admission into the school, an individualised and comprehensive Individual Educational Developmental Programme (IEDP) is drawn up for each learner. This ensures that the individual needs of each learner are met (educational, social, emotional).

Learning takes place in a social classroom environment (high adult to child ratio, maximum 1 to 6, with teaching assistants as required), creating opportunities for one-on-one instruction as well as small and large groups. It covers a broad and balanced curriculum, addressing specific challenges in relating, communicating, thinking and sensory perception.

Extra-curricular activities also form an important part of each child’s daily schedule, allowing for spontaneous engagement that in turn aids social interaction. Activities include, but not limited to: Kinder Kinetics; music; arts and crafts; fantasy play, Drum Joy and Dance Mouse. Due to our location on the grounds of Somerset College, our learners also enjoy access to various additional facilities (library, IT facilities, sports fields, swimming pools, etc.), all of which contribute to ensuring a versatile, well thought out and holistic daily schedule for each learner.

 Educators … Parents … Therapists ….
working together to ensure development, growth and progress for each unique learner!

TESTIMONIAL: Wonderful people who truly care about the wellbeing of our child.