“We don’t see learners with difficulties, but rather learners with differences.”

“Patience and perseverance, and a true passion for the job, is necessary to be a successful teacher.”

Our highly qualified educators are committed to the individual requirements of each DreamTree learner. Their extensive experience, together with regular interaction and collaboration with both parents and specialists alike, ensures the creation of an ideal environment in which each learner can flourish and reach his/ her potential.

In addition to the permanent team, The DreamTree also makes use of support volunteers and supplementary staff. We invite you to contact us should you wish to find out more.

Our Staff

Elaine Brand
School Principal
Michelle Hancke
Teacher, Classroom 3
Mareli Spykerman
Teacher, Classroom 1
Chuki Williams
Occupational Therapist (Advisory)
Janetha Pholanskie
Classroom assistant, class 1 and 3

Our Board

Henriette Hubers
Elaine Brand
Marle Graser
Roberta (Chuki) Williams
Elna Naude





TESTIMONIAL: We are truly thankful for the DreamTree angels.