Parents and members of the community interested in exploring The DreamTree School as a potential option for their child or loved one, are invited to participate in an easy, but effective, 4 step process:


Please include all relevant reports and diagnoses for the last six months (psychology, speech therapist, occupational therapist, other), together with a brief background of your child.


Visit our school for a no obligation meet and greet. We would love to show you our facilities and answer any questions you may have. Meet our teachers, and some of our students, and witness first-hand The DreamTree experience.


Should you feel your child or loved one could benefit from The DreamTree environment, we require each potential learner to undergo an initial one-day assessment (free of charge). This helps all involved ensure the ‘best fit possible’.


Depending on the outcome of the one-day assessment, some learners may be requested to participate in a more extensive two-week observation period prior to admission.


  • The learner should be able, or have the potential, to function within a group setting.
  • The learner, upon admission, should be 5 in the year he/she is turning 6.
  • The school’s official language is English.
  • All learners should be toilet-trained and have the potential to learn the basic self-help skills.
  • A learner with a mild physical disability will be considered depending on the level of support he/she requires to function in the group setting.
  • Assessment reports are needed from a Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Speech and Occupational Therapist within the past 12 months.
  • No individual IQ tests are required, nor will any be carried out.
  • The parent/legal guardian agrees to pay the school fee as determined by the school’s Governing Body.
  • Parents might be requested to consider giving consent to private therapies if this is advised by the school.
  • All admissions are at the discretion of The DreamTree School Admissions Committee (Principal, Occupational and Speech Therapists). This is to ensure as best a fit as possible for each individual learner.

 “Áll kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them” - Magic Johnson