Due to the fact that learners with diverse developmental challenges vary with regard to their educational barriers and their priorities for support and intervention, an Individual Educational Developmental Programme (IEDP) is the foundation of curriculum delivery, recording and reporting at The DreamTree School. A trans-disciplinary approach to intervention and learning is followed.

We provide a broad and balanced differential curriculum that addresses these developmental challenges.

Our Curriculum strives to attain the following six critical outcomes for our learners.

To communicate effectively using whatever mode the learner is capable of.

To establish and maintain social relationships.

To be able to manage behaviour and emotions.

To develop cognitive abilities through the use of all available senses and experiences.

To manage activities of daily living as independently as possible.

To be able to take part in recreational activities and work in the community

Our main curriculum emphasis focuses on the following areas:


Language and communication

Life orientation (including activities of daily living skills)



Sensory and perceptual development

Motor development

The DreamTree School offers a wide range of educational approaches and techniques and aims to respond appropriately to the differing curricular needs of our learners.

We will incorporate inter alia:

Selective and applicable aspects of the National Curriculum.

Schools of Skills: We incorporate aspects of Schools of Skills (vocational). There is a very strong focus on life skills, equipping and assisting our learners to take their place in society.

Life Skills.

TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communications Handicapped Children).

Selective and applicable ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis).

DIR/Floortime Model.

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System).

Daily music and movement-based activities.

Sensory integration.

We are aware of current thinking and research in the field of learners with diverse developmental challenges and, where appropriate, will implement new approaches and strategies for the benefit of our learners.



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