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Frequently asked Questions

The DreamTree School accepts learners aged 5 the year he/she are turning 6, upon admission. Each child develops at their own pace, according to their own individual needs. All learners should be toilet-trained and have the potential to learn the basic self-help skills. Should any learner require a different environment or approach, parents will be notified.

Classroom 1, 2, 3 & 4

Monday to Thursday 8h30 to 14h00

Friday 8h30 to 13h00

Drop off from 7h50

  • There is a R2500 fee for the two-week observation of a prospective learner.
  • If the child is not enrolled, either because they do not fit the criteria or the parents decide not to enroll, the school reserves the right to retain the observation fee for administrative expenses.
  • There is no fee for one day observation.  One day observations will be arranged at the principal's discretion.
  • The Annual School Fee is subject to annual Sponsorship Agreements with sponsors.
  • The Annual School Fee is subject to annual inflation increase.
  • An upfront registration fee of R1000 is payable with all new enrolments.  This fee is non-refundable.


Tuition Fee Per Year Per Month School day

Per Month Per Year
R 6 200.00 R74 400.00


Included in the Tuition Fees:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum that addresses specific special needs challenges.
  • Use of latest technological devices to enhance learning e.g. Computers, Tablets, Interactive Whiteboard.
  • Individualised Educational Developmental Programme for each learner.
  • Regular communication with Educators.
  • Early morning supervision from 7:50 till 8:20.
  • Not included in the Tuition Fees:
  • Private Therapy intervention (payable to the therapists directly)
  • Extra activities (payable to coordinators directly)
  • Incidental charges (camps, outings, uniform, events, etc.)
  • Holiday programme to be paid in cash by parents (refer to holiday programme policy for further details)



  • Parents have the option to pay school fees in advance for the whole year and will receive a 10% discount.
  • Families enrolling siblings will receive 25% discount per child on school fees.
  • This will be reviewed annually.

1 January: New Year’s Day

21 March: Human Rights Day

15 April: Good Friday

18 April: Family Day

27 April: Freedom Day

1 May: Workers' Day

2 May: Public Holiday

16 June: Youth Day

17 June: Special School Holiday

8 August: Special School Holiday

9 August: National Women’s Day

24 September: Heritage Day

16 December: Day of Reconciliation

25 December: Christmas Day

26 December: Day of Goodwill


Term All Provinces
Opens Closes
First 19 January 25 March
Second 5 April 24 June
Third  19 July 30 September
Fourth 11 October 14 December



Dance Mouse: R550.00 per term per child payable by parents

Kinder kinetics: R750.00 per term per child payable by parents

Drumming: R410.00 per term per child payable by parents

Students from Stellenbosch University to do group Kinder kinetics sessions once a week as part of their studies. This is free of charge and each class will alternate on a weekly basis. Each class will have their group session every 3rd week.

At Dreamtree we encourage our learners to wear school uniform.  School uniforms instill pride and unity.  When wearing uniforms, learners often feel more “important” since they belong to a group.  Uniforms give a sense of belonging and foster community spirit.

For an updated price list and order form of our uniforms please contact:

Sandra Smith

Tel:  083 450 4584


Please note that due to some learners having sensory issues, we are flexible with regards to the types of material used/worn.

The Dreamtree school does not Offer any boarding facilities.

No transport provided to and/ or from school.