Elton & Sherolene De Klerk

Ceazer was enrolled in Dream Tree in 2018. At that time he was 6 years of age and heavily speech delayed. We as his parents were at wits end since he was our first and only child at that time. We were clueless and hopeless regarding Ceazer’s future. The Dream Tree was God send, the teachers are angels and were of greatest help and assistance in our lifes.  Ceazer has grown not only physically but emotionally, speech wise and basically everything about him has improved over the years. When we leave our boy in the morning we know he is in good hands as all the teachers are loving and caring and they go beyond their calling. We as parents are not one day sorry that we enrolled him in this school, we never up until today had any problems regarding the way Ceazer has been taught. We believe our boy still has a lot inside of him that only The Dream Tree can discover. I can recommend this school to anyone who want what is best for their children.